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hyper is a company focused on building products and services for developers and improving the development experience. As a result, development teams are able to grow into high performing teams and create incredible products.

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Software is eating
the world

Building software is more than "setting it and forgetting it". Software change is a constant, fluid, process of discovery and refinement. The process that necessitates nurture and focus. With hyper you can avoid techinical debt and create exchangable interfaces.

Hyperfocus on features

Features are King 👑

Building the services that power your features is difficult to get right. We took what we've learned about building scalable, secure, and performant service tiers and crafted hyper cloud. With hyper cloud as your services tier, you can focus on building what matters most: features that delight your customers.

How much of your budget is focused on your backend service personnel? Minimize the human resources required to build and maintain your software product. Bypass the red tape, frustration, bureaucracy, and uncertainty around creating cloud-based backend services. Stop wasting precious resources 💸. Shift your personnel to the side of your solution that your customers need: features and business logic.

With a few clicks, you get robust and scalable backend cloud services including a document datastore, in-memory cache, search engine, storage buckets, and queues. Sign up for free 😀 with your GitHub account and create backend services in seconds. When you're ready to step it up, we have plans starting at $99 a month.

hyper framework

hyper ensures your backend services support the right 'ilities:


We're here
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As your code base expands, hyper increases productivity while discouraging technical debt and coupling. At hyper, we build tools that require a different mindset; tools that provide a hyper focus on your problem domain.