Rapidly build web applications with hyper63

Let your development teams focus on creating applications that solve the problems of the business, let hyper63 solve the problems of the cloud.

Don't re-invent the wheel. Use a service framework.

hyper63 allows your development team to focus on the logic that makes your application special, not the necessary cloud service boiler plate.

The Data Port gives developers a robust REST API to store and retrieve structured data. No need to spend time setting up your databases and cloud services. Simply pick your adapter, and go.
In order to scale applications, you need to be able to store redundant data in a cache. This architecture can be a challenge to setup and manage. With hyper63, it is an API call to store and fetch cached data, fast.
In addition to structured data, applications need unstructured data, such as images and documents. Why have a different API or different service? Leverage hyper63 to give your team a consistent and robust api to manage unstructured data with the same client driver as other primitives.
Searching is a requirement for every application. Using hyper63's api, you can create fast and flexible search features without having to setup or manage search services.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

hyper63 contains all of the service primitives to build applications without having to deal with servers, services, or clouds.

All services are accessible via a REST/JSON api, which means universal language and tool support. This gives your development team the freedom to choose the tools to build their application without dealing with breaking service dependencies.
hyper63 is an open-source service which means you have full access to the source code. It is clear what the system is doing and how it is doing it.
hyper63 is a service framework that brings common, primitive, services to your application. Having a consistent set of service primitives gives your team the power to compose these primitives into robust higher level services that can result in high quality application performance.
hyper63 provides a strong boundary between your business logic and its services, but that does not mean it is a black box. Using the hyper63 hooks port, your team can observe and monitor every transaction that hyper63 performs.
Want hyper63 to do more, provide more services or use different managed products? hyper63 is modular by default which means you can exchange the client, the interface, and the ports and adapters of the service framework. This gives you a future-proof approach to application development.

Frequently asked questions

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What is hyper63?
hyper63 is an open-source service framework that provides a common service boundary between an application's business logic and its service implementation details.
When should I use hyper63?
hyper63 works great for greenfield, prototypes, and migration applications
  • GREENFIELD: hyper63 can give the team a boost in productivity, while encouraging separation between core business logic and service implementation details.
  • PROTOTYPES: with one command you can start a hyper63 development service, and be up and coding.
  • MIGRATIONS: migrate a legacy application to a more scalable and extendable architecture.


What makes us different

hyper63, LLC is a company focused on building products and services for developers and improving the development experience. As a result, development teams are able to grow into high performing teams, and create incredible products.

Our story

The problem

Software is eating the world, but one can argue that software can cause just as many problems as it is meant to solve. Building software is more than building a product and then selling it. It is a constant, fluid, process of discovery and refinement, a process that necessitates nurture and focus. Unfortunately, often times, the result leads to disappointment. As a software development community, can we do better? Can we create products that are a joy, to not only build, but to maintain, over time? Products that can migrate to new technologies and platforms, incrementally?

To that end, all software applications should be built with the following requirements:

  • Scalability
  • Extensibility
  • Flexibility

We’re here to help

We are building a new set of products and services that have the potential to transform the software community. These products and services provide development teams the guidance and capabilities to, not only, highly perform when building software, but to future proof their products, and create constant and consistent value over time.


Software development is the constant embracement of change as you discover and refine applications to improve the workflow and effectivness of users. Software should empower users to get their stuff done leveraging technology, not being driven by technology.

Tom Wilson

CEO at hyper63